UPS is our primary carrier for both parcels and freight shipping.  We visited with UPS in Atlanta and presented our insulated coolers, ice blankets, and perishable packing process to their management team.  Besides earning a damage waiver, UPS extended Good Vittles an umbrella account.

This means that if you use our packing materials, we can offer you the opportunity to set up a UPS account under the Good Vittles UPS umbrella account and benefit from our discount rates.  The discounts are based on the 6-tier system that UPS uses for all of their commercial accounts.  The discounts are based on a weekly rolling average shipping volume.  The more you ship….the higher the discount rate.  With our umbrella account, UPS aggregates the shipping volume of all of the shippers using the umbrella account and then extends the higher discounts to everyone.

Give us a call if you think you might benefit from this opportunity.