Ice Blanket Description

Water is relatively cheap…..right? Not so, if you’re paying to have water shipped to you. Consider that approximately 95% of the weight of a standard frozen gel pack is water. I don’t know about you, but we have plenty of water at our location and don’t need any more shipped in.  

Our ice blankets are manufactured dry and ready for you to hydrate with your own water.  They are made with two pieces of poly material that are sealed together to form cells, much like a quilt. One side is smooth and water proof. The other side is a very fine mesh that allows water into each cell. Inside the cells is an FDA-approved powder that quickly absorbs the water and transforms into a thick gel. Once in gel form, it is too thick to leak out of the mesh.

The absorbent powder that we use changes the phase of the water. It will freeze at 32°F, but continues to absorb thermal energy down to a -42°F. So unlike plain water, if your freezers are set at -15°F, then our ice blankets will be -15°F. This means that they stay frozen longer than plain frozen water.

We offer two types of ice blankets with different size cells. They can be used separately or in combination in order to accommodate different transit times and/or different ambient temperatures during shipping. Just cut the sheets with scissors to the desired length; soak in water; and, freeze.


Dry Sheet Size – 16.25” wide (length is 66 feet)

Hydrated Sheet Size – 13.9” wide

Dry Cell Size – 3.15” by 2.76” or 80mm by 70mm

Hydrated Cell Height – 1.2”

Maximum Hydrated Weight – 2.4 pounds per square foot




Dry Sheet Size – 16.25” wide (length is 66 feet)

Hydrated Sheet Size – 13” wide

Dry Cell Size – 4.25” by 2.76” or 108mm by 70mm

Hydrated Cell Height – 1.5”

Maximum Hydrated Weight – 3.1 pounds per square foot