What We Do

ShippingCoolers.com is a subsidiary of Good Vittles LLC. We are a family owned business that concentrates on assisting food suppliers deliver their harvest to kitchens across America.

  • We manufacture premium insulted shipping coolers in hundreds of sizes.
  • We will custom-fit your box and there is never an extra fee for custom sizes.
  • We make phase-change ice blankets that store thermal energy down to -42°F.
  • We have developed a Cold Chain Packing Process that allows extended transit times.
  • We offer the opportunity for our clients to use our UPS Umbrella Account, which offers great discount rates.
  • We have a database of over 500 restaurants and thousands of retail customers that we have shipped fresh and frozen meats to over the years.

Good Vittles is the foremost expert in the shipping of perishable food.